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Renewal proposal 2017-2022

With its proud and distinguished heritage and transport links that are second to none, Croydon is a bustling, cosmopolitan, retail and commercial centre through which the winds of change are blowing.

Home to hundreds of well-known brands and businesses in the retail, office, leisure, hospitality and public sectors, Croydon town centre is undergoing transformation on a scale not seen here since the 1960s and is fast-becoming an attractive place in which to invest, with £5.2 billion worth of private and public sector funds earmarked for Croydon over the next five years.

At Croydon BID, we remain committed to working with you in order to build, support and maintain a strong, informed and collaborative town centre business community that is galvanised towards achieving the same goals: a thriving local economy, strong and sustainable business growth, attracting inward investment and providing people with the sort of positive experience that keeps them coming back to Croydon for more. 

In anticipation of these changes, we are pleased to introduce Croydon BID's Renewal Proposal for 2017-2022

Creating a vision together

In February, we consulted widely with all of our levy payers to obtain their views on how best Croydon BID can continue supporting the business community over the next five years.

Quantitative and qualitative research was carried out via postal and on-line surveys and through independently facilitated workshops to help us identify priorities for future action. A total of 187 responses were received and the results have been utilised to help us shape the contents of this five-year proposal document.  

For a greater insight, please download our Consultation Results.

The renewal Proposal 2017-2022: Making a difference

Over the next five years, we aim to support your business by: investing in your safety; Creating a great impression; Delivering brighter streets; Helping you in and around and Bringing businesses together. Our five priority areas for 2017-2022 are briefly explained below:

Investing in your safety

Ensuring everyone has a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience is a top priority when it comes to supporting the town centre economy and reducing the fear of crime, businesses tell us.

Working together with the Metropolitan Police, Croydon Council, local businesses and various key agencies, our focus will be on deterring and cutting crime and anti-social behaviour and improving people’s perceptions of safety.

Creating a great impression

Croydon is a bustling, cosmopolitan commercial centre that is about to experience change on a scale not seen since the 1960s. The importance of creating a great impression has therefore never been higher.

Our aim will be to build on Croydon’s fast-growing reputation as an up-and-coming place in which to invest, by helping to promote everything that the town centre has to offer and raising its profile as a dynamic, welcoming and exciting place in which to work, live and do business.

Delivering brighter streets

Maintaining a clean and attractive town centre environment for people to work, live and do business in will grow in importance as re-development accelerates over the next five years, businesses tell us.

Our aim, therefore, will be to keep the town centre looking its best by ensuring the streets are clean and easy to navigate and through the introduction of colourful planting displays to add vibrancy to the area.

Helping you in and around

Croydon’s excellent transport links are second to none and the ease with which people can get to and find their way around the town centre is crucial for ensuring its future growth.

As re-development of the town centre gets under way in earnest, our twin aims will be to continue promoting the benefits of Croydon’s accessibility and to meet the expected growth in demand for information and guidance from those new to the town.

Bringing businesses together

Successful collaborative working is at the heart of all the projects and services that we deliver and as large-scale re-development of the town centre progresses, businesses have told us that maintaining strong relationships and regular two-way communications will increase both in importance and relevance.

Our aim, therefore, will be to keep businesses updated on all the latest news,developments, policy changes and issues affecting the town centre as well as ensuring that the views and interests of the business community are strongly represented at an operational and strategic level.





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