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Continental market heralds the arrival of spring in North End

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Local shoppers can expect to experience the intoxicating colours, scents and sights of the continent when a French market plays a spring visit to Croydon from April 22nd
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 09:00 to Saturday, April 25, 2015 - 18:00
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From Wednesday, April 22nd - Saturday, April 25th April, the town centre will be treated to a four day visit from a travelling market, featuring more than 20 of the best French and continental market traders around.

Organised by international market event operators Savoir Fayre, the lively and colourful food and objets d’art market arrives in Croydon for the first leg of its annual tour of the home counties, the midlands and the south coast.

The ever-popular market will feature authentic French and continental traders and their exotic merchandise, the sights, sounds and aromas of which are designed to encourage shoppers to experience something exotic, new and different. 

A French delicatessen stall, with a range of artisanal terrines, patés, charcuterie and cured meats will be among the stalls featured, along with others that include freshly baked bread, French cheese, sausages, fresh olives and pasta and for those who feel a bit peckish while looking around, there will be paella, couscous, fajitas and a hog roast on offer too!

For those with a sweet tooth, there will be no end of temptations, including croissants and crépes (both sweet and savoury), Italian confectionery, candy, fudge, pastries, viennoiserie, baklava, nougat, Turkish Delight and fruit & nuts.

Stalls will include:

-         French delicatessen, charcuterie, saucisson and cured meats

-         olive oil, vinegar & pasta

-         bread, pastry and Viennoiserie

-         crêpes de "froment", black wheat crêpes (savoury crêpes) and waffles

-         finest French cheeses

-         specialist high quality French sausage

-         couscous, merguez sausage & chicken ratatouille

-         paella, chicken fajita

-         hog roast sandwiches

-         tartiflette garlic, prawnie-boisson fraiche

-         dried fruit, nuts, baklava, nougat & Turkish Delight

-         olives

-         candy and fudge

-         Italian confectionery

-         crystals and fossils

-         jewellery

-         glass, china & pottery

-         fragrances

-         handbags and purses

-         pashminas, scarves, hats & belts

-         wood carvings & furniture

-         handmade garden furniture

All attending traders are fully checked and accredited by The Market People - a new accreditation system for market professionals - and can be easily contacted before or after any purchase.

The market will operate in North End on each of the four days between 9.00am and 6.00pm.

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