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Blooming marvellous as Croydon BID adds extra colour to the town centre

Cleaner and Greener Perception and Image
A spectacular splash of colour and vibrancy has transformed many key thoroughfares as Croydon BID increases its commitment to greening activities throughout Croydon town centre.

Creating a great impression for those that live, work and visit our town centre extends across all of our pledges, projects and initiatives and is central to creating a destination, a place in which people can enjoy.

In April 2017, Croydon BID appointed Window Flowers, one of the UK’s largest independent contractors and multi-award –winning family-owned business which grows over 1 million plants each year and currently works with such prestigious clients as the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), The Ritz and the Houses of Parliament to name but a few.

The partnership has blossomed ever since, identifying the opportunities for improvements throughout the town centre and more importantly commissioning a broad works programme that focused on delivery but more importantly, the year-round maintenance of all our sites.

Hanging baskets, albeit a small element of our delivery programme, deliver a sustained period of colour throughout many of our main streets. Their importance has not been overlooked by Croydon BID. To bring the much needed colour, we have increased the number of hanging baskets from 150 to 220 which will be in situ until October 2017.

We all know how important first impressions are. But not everyone knows that our first impressions are created within a seven second window and therefore it is vitally important we make improvements to help change perceptions as Croydon grows.

In the past three months, locations including Reeves Corner, George Street, Dingwall Road, Wellesley Road and Thomas Turner Path have seen transformations to varying degrees presenting the much needed positive first impression and welcome those that use the town centre deserve.

In particular the transformations of Reeves Corner and Wellesley Road crossing now serve as the gateway into the town centre and as such now have a blaze of colour greeting shoppers, employees and residents alike.

Matthew Sims, chief executive of Croydon BID said: “We are absolutely committed to delivering a five year programme of greening improvements to make a visible impact and difference to the environment we all use.

He said: “We are about creating a great first impression for all and the combination of a greater number of hanging baskets supported by the improvements to locations in and around the town centre is a great start. We will continue to work with many of our partners in order to shape the future greening agenda for a growing town centre.”

The improvements have now been entered into London in Bloom, a campaign and award scheme aimed at celebrating and recognising the passion Londoners have for greening our Capital city.

Geoff Hyde, Chairman of London in Bloom said: “The Bloom” is not all about hanging baskets and parks bedding displays, nor is it about big budgets and officer time. Our campaigns and competitions provide something for everyone who wishes to make a contribution to their quality of life in London, conserve our green heritage and do their bit for the environment.”

Results of the London in Bloom competition are to be announced shortly. 

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