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Youth Offending

We work closely with Croydon Youth Offending Services to support the positive work they do with young, first-time offenders

Together with representatives from the local authority, Police, national probation service and other local organisations, Croydon YOS adopts a multi-agency approach towards addressing the issues that put young people at risk of offending, as well as meeting the needs of individuals to help them avoid gaining a criminal record.  

Offender Workshops

As part of the process of determining what support they require, YOS aims to confront young offenders with the consequences of their behaviour, not just on themselves but also on their families, friends, victims and the wider community.

To aid this process, Croydon BID co-ordinates shoplifting workshops, in conjunction with the Police and local businesses to enable those who have committed shop theft to explore their behaviour and give them an insight into the impact that their crime can have.  Far from being a victimless crime, the workshops reinforce the message that shoplifting can have significant implications for businesses, their employees and even the local economy, as well as for the offenders themselves, their relationships and their future job prospects.

Restorative Justice

We also work closely with Croydon YOS, to identify opportunities and projects across the town centre that can serve as the focus of attention for the hours of community service that young offenders are usually required by the courts to complete.

Improving the appearance of neglected pockets of land or priority areas through litter picking, community gardening or painting are just some of the projects that offer the twin benefits of improving the overall look of the town centre, while at the same time enabling young offenders to give something back to the local community.

Do you have an idea for a project?

Get in touch with our Business Crime Reduction Manager, Shaun Webster. 

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