COVID-19: Free Cyber Security Course

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The Police Digital Service Centre (PDSC) has provided all the content from a fantastic FREE course that can be shared with your staff and colleagues to increase cyber security.
Cyber crime has increased 400% since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic; please stay safe on and offline.

The structure of the course content is listed here with useful links and downloadable PDFs above & below:

Week 1

1. Work From Home Infographic Link below PDSC Week 1 Working from home infogaphic

2. Work From Home Blog by AXELOS: Link below PDSC Week 1 Home working blog
3. PDSC Phishing Videos (x3)


4. SBD, PDSC and NACTSO. Security advice leaflet as a PDF and via the website: Downloadable PDF above
5. Securing Conference Calls Blog: Link below
6. Social Engineering Audio Story by AXELOS - TBC
7. Social Engineering Phishing Animation by AXELOS

Week 2

1. Comms During a Breach Blog by YUDU: Link below PDSC Cyber Communication
2. Managing Information Risk Infographic by NCSC: Downloadable PDF above Day 2 Infographic 
3. Response and Recovery Infographic by NCSC: Downloadable PDF above Day 3 Infographic
4. Out with the Old, In with the New Leaflet: Link below PDSC Out with the Old PDF 
5. Out with the Old, In with the New Blog: Link below PDSC Out with the Old Blog 
6. Computer Software Service Fraud Video by Met Police

7. Neil Sinclair Social Engineering Interview: Link below PDSC Social Engineering Interview
Week 3
1. Data Backup- The Last Line Of Data Protection Defence Blog by Data2Vault: Link below PDSC Security Advice Blog
2. Managing a breach, Lets talk about recovery Blog by Data2Vault: Link below PDSC Managing a Breach
3. Enabling a flexible and productive workforce Leaflet by Anderson IT Management Downloadable PDF above
4. The right backup solution Leaflet by Data2Vault Downloadable PDF above
5. PDSC’s Top Tips for Backing Up Your Data Leaflet Downloadable PDF above
6. What is BYOD and what are the risks Video

7. Mitigating the risks of BYOD Video

Week 4
1.Reputable App Stores Leaflet Downloadable PDF above
2.Instagram Privacy Settings Infographic (in pdf and jpg form) Downloadable PDF above
3.DangerousApps part 1 and 2 Infographics by Child Safe VPN Downloadable PDF above
4.Twitter Privacy Settings Infographic (in pdf and jpg form) Downloadable PDF above
5.Facebook Privacy Settings Infographic (in pdf and jpg form) Downloadable PDF above
6.Open Source Video by Met Police

7.Social Media Infographic by Child Safe VPN Downable PDF above
Week 5
1. Password Policy Infographic by NCSC  Downloadable PDF above
2. Password Infographic Downloadable PDF above
3. Global Cyber Alliance Password Toolkit Link below
4. Passwords Video by Met Police
5. Why do we need strong passwords Video
6. How to create a strong password Video
7. How to safely store a password Video
Week 6
1.Operating Systems Update Settings Leaflet Downloadable PDF above
2.Supported Products Leaflet Downloadable PDF above
3.Why do we need to update Video
4.Unsupported products Video
5.Examples of attacks and breaches Video
6.Updates Video by Met Police: Link below 
7.Update Your Defenses Toolkit by Global Cyber Alliance: Link below

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