The Team

Matthew Sims

Chief Executive Officer
020 8603 0050
Working side by side with the Board of Directors, my role is to determine the strategic direction of Croydon Town Centre BID Ltd. My objective is to engage with all levy payers, partners and stakeholders to ensure value is added. Focusing on the five principles we have determined as part of our term, I will work with my team to deliver positive results for Croydon Town Centre.

Shaun Webster

Head of Operations
020 8603 0055
My focus is on leading, developing and delivering on key operational aspects of the Croydon BID delivery plan that affect place. I lead on creating and developing an interactive programme of innovative, up to date activities focused on arts, culture and music. Furthermore, I am responsible for the cleansing and greening programmes delivered by the Croydon BID to ensure our town centre is as vibrant and fresh as it can be. Finally, working with our ambassadors, I am focused on making sure your welcome to Croydon town centre is a positive one.

Keely Dench

Business Support Manager
020 8603 0052
Working with you, our levy payers, developing strong valuable relationships that add value to your business is my primary concern. I lead on all business engagement activities for Croydon BID, developing the projects and initiatives aimed at keeping you up to date and informed on our activities and changes to your town centre. Working with the CEO and colleagues, our aim is to provide you with the one to one support you deserve, offering customary support when and where you need it. I am responsible for delivering the Check Out Croydon loyalty scheme and providing in house support to the CEO.

Cheryll Wright

Business Crime & Safety Manager
020 8603 0054
Safety and security in the town centre is the number one priority for Croydon BID. I am responsible for developing the strategic direction for our safety and security agenda, creating and delivering the very necessary projects and initiatives that support your business against anti-social behaviour and business crime. I have sole responsibility for delivering our award winning Business Crime Reduction Partnership, working and communicating with members and BID levy payers to support your needs on reducing the impact of crime on your business. Our safety and security agenda is a collaborative approach and therefore I manage all stakeholders and partners influencing the safety and security agenda on your behalf.

Street Cleansing

Our street cleansing team operates across the town centre two days per week, delivering over 1,800 hours of cleansing support for our business community, removing dirt, grime, chewing gum and stubborn stains along through regular jet-washing. The team work tirelessly to support businesses and the overall look and feel of the town centre with the removal of graffiti. In supporting businesses directly, the team have added value in delivering targeted cleansing operations including shop front cleansing while supporting the overall maintenance and look and feel of our town centre. Working from 4.00am - 1.00pm on Tuesday and Friday every week, you may not see them but you will certainly notice the difference they make to our town centre.


Our ambassadors provide a positive welcome to all those that live, work and visit out town centre. Our visible team of ambassadors provide information, advice and guidance and a warm friendly smile, creating positive first impressions of our town centre. Our ambassadors walk a combined 40,000 steps every day, patrolling the town centre, reporting environmental, cleansing and other issues requiring improvement. Our team of ambassadors regularly visit our town centre businesses keeping them informed and updated on latest news, events and activities while pro-actively supporting their needs with other services delivered as part of Croydon BID.

Night Rangers

Our Night Rangers offer support to our hospitality and evening economy five days a week, Wednesday to Sunday from 6.00pm to 11.00pm. Our Night Rangers, SIA qualified staff, patrol our town centre offering advice, direction and support to those using the town centre while engaging with hospitality and night-time venues. Working with many of the venues across Croydon town centre, our Night Rangers have the knowledge, experience and training to provide on site support to diffuse challenging situations and provide reassurance.

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