About Croydon BID

Hello and welcome to the Croydon Business Improvement District. We’ve been at the heart of Croydon town centre for the past 15 years, putting the interests and priorities of the local business community first.

With backing from 500+ organisations across the retail, commercial, leisure, hospitality and public sectors, we were set up to help make a real difference to the town, by introducing initiatives and much-needed services that would not otherwise exist.

Our vision is for Croydon to become one of the most sustainable, welcoming, vibrant and culturally diverse locations in south London in which to do business, work, live and visit. 

With continued support and direction from our members, we have already invested £15m in making our streets safer, cleaner, brighter and more welcoming for those working, living, visiting and doing business here.

Now, as we prepare to meet the challenges facing Croydon and our business community head on, our plans for the future are aimed at not just delivering some of the essentials that we all expect from a place but assembling the all-important foundations needed for Croydon’s sustainable growth. Together, we can make a real difference and look forward to working with you as we strive for a better Croydon.

What are Business Improvement Districts?

Business Improvement Districts (BID) are independent business-led, business-funded organisations formed to improve a defined commercial area.

A BID is established statutorily once elected by a majority of business owners in the area and can only operate for a maximum term of five years before seeking re-election by eligible voters.

BIDs are not-for-profit organisations financed principally through a small, compulsory annual levy paid by businesses in the BID area, based on rateable value.  

By working in partnership and bringing together the skills, experience and influence of local businesses, public authorities and other key agencies, BIDs can serve as a highly effective model for delivering added value to an area through dedicated services and initiatives.

There are currently over 300 active BIDs in the UK. For more information visit British BIDs

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