All change! Introducing the new Croydon BID Radio Link

Croydon BID is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved Croydon BID Radio Link scheme, which will provide businesses with enhanced connectivity and intelligence sharing throughout the town centre.
The need to deliver a safe environment for those that work, live, visit, and do business in Croydon continues to be a priority for Croydon BID and its partners, which is why they have made a strong commitment to investing in a system that adds more value to local businesses.

Croydon BID has upgraded the scheme from an analogue radio system to a digital radio system as part of a 5G network to improve reliability, sound quality, and connectivity, as well as to provide valuable insights and intelligence in real-time, thereby improving overall safety for businesses and their employees.

Croydon BID has demonstrated its commitment to safety not only by taking over the scheme and fully integrating the service and all management processes in-house, but also by offering a £100 discount to Croydon BID levy payers, reducing the cost to £150 + VAT per year.

Non-levy members can also take advantage of the scheme for £250 + VAT per year, which connects them to a large town centre network that includes the Metropolitan Police and the Croydon BID Street Rangers.

Safety concerns us all, and at a time when we are faced with growing challenges and concerns, Croydon BID has demonstrated its continued commitment to supporting our business community.

The Croydon BID Radio Link is essential for connecting staff and businesses with our on-street teams, including our new Street Ranger team, who can assist you.

I am especially pleased that, as a company representing 550 businesses, we are able to lower the overall cost for our BID levy payers.

Matthew Sims, Chief Executive of Croydon BID

Businesses interested in joining the new Radio Link scheme should contact Croydon BID here