Croydon BID is proud to be at the heart of many of the changes taking place and planned in Croydon town centre, as well as those that have occurred over the past ten years.
Working with our 580 levy payers, we continue to make a significant difference to the businesses that we support in so many ways, meeting your needs as the town centre prepares to transform. Take a look at some of the reasons why our businesses are backing Croydon BID.
“Croydon town centre is an area of enormous potential and its Business Improvement District has an impressive track record of supporting local businesses over the last nine years, by helping to create cleaner, safer streets and promoting the area across London. I’ve promised to be the most pro-business Mayor of London ever and BIDs can play an important role by involving businesses in working with communities for local benefit,”
“The BID is an extremely valuable asset to Croydon town centre, delivering time and again on its commitment to support and promote the interests of the local business community in order to ensure the town’s future growth. We are proud to partner with Croydon BID as we prepare to deliver a state of the art shopping centre that Croydon can be proud of.”
“Having recently suffered from an act of vandalism, we have first-hand experience of the proactive way in which Croydon BID supports its members. The BID’s dedicated cleaning team got to work quickly, efficiently and without hesitation, illustrating just how valuable it is, for an independent business such as ours, to have a thorough and responsive service which delivers positive results week in week out.”
"The BID is a vital central hub of information and advice for AIG for in terms of changes taking place in the town centre, enabling us to keep abreast of the latest developments, understand their implications and plan for the future.”
“Croydon BID has been fundamental in reducing crime in the town centre, bringing together both the local authority and police force and working in the centre both day and night with the simple aim of tackling crime and anti-social behaviour. I have been in Croydon for 30 years and in the short time that the BID has been here, we have seen a noticeable improvement, thanks to the commitment and work of the Croydon BID team.”
“Creating a diverse and exciting place in which businesses, visitors and residents want to invest is vital to the success of our developments. Through its support of our events programme at Platform Ruskin Square and place-making activities across the local area, Croydon BID has worked in partnership with us to transform a long neglected part of Croydon as we continue to create a new vibrant urban quarter at Ruskin Square.”
“The BID’s deep cleaning and greening programme brings freshness, colour and vibrancy to the town’s main thoroughfares and this is something that our staff and customers greatly appreciate.”
“The BID delivers professional programmes of festivals and events that help to attract extra visitors and create a memorable atmosphere in the town centre. This is a role that will continue to grow in importance during re-development of the centre to ensure Croydon is seen to remain open for business.”
“As one of the longest established independent businesses in Croydon, we find Croydon BID plays a key point in trying to speed up the many new developments in Croydon. This will only bring a cleaner and brighter future to all in Croydon.”
“Croydon BID has really helped to bring the whole community together and we now work directly with the Police and Council which may not have happened before without BID’s support and funding. There is definitely a visible change in how people feel about walking through the town centre at night now.”
“We have been extremely impressed with the BID’s ability to grasp and help swiftly deal with the issues that we face on a day-to-day basis as well as the practical assistance they have provided to us in support of the ‘Love Where You Live’ campaign to improve the local environment.”
"For us, it's all about the customer journey from the moment people arrive in Croydon to the moment they leave. The BID's Street Ambassadors have added an important new dimension to the welcome and service that people receive and we have been absolutely delighted with the improved signage, direction and engagement with visitors that we have witnessed as a result. This will be increasingly important as the town continues to develop."





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