Creative Croydon 2022

Meet the artists behind Creative Croydon 2022
Creative Croydon showcases 15 different pieces of art by Kate Marsden, Gavin Kinch, Tina Crawford, Lis Watkins and Bev Jones, depicting some of Croydon’s notable places and spaces.

Kate Marsden

Kate lives in South London and has a background in Fashion & Textile Design and Surface Pattern Design.

Her mixed media paintings, drawings and prints are the result of many years of experimentation alongside her more graphic, illustrative design based work.

A desire to alter the viewer’s perception of her subject matter has long been her desired outcome, whether this be via the subversion of a traditional subject, or the beautification of something considered to be ugly or undesirable.

Kate’s work can be seen in private collections as well as commercial commissions including at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls. 

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Creative Croydon

Gavin Kinch

Inspired by the dark, towering splendour of brutalist architecture, Gavin’s mesmerising cityscapes have become synonymous with Croydon since he started drawing his hometown in 2015.

As The Town That Love Built, his captivating artwork spans walls in Centrale, AMP House, Fairfield Halls, St George’s Tower and thousands of homes and businesses across the country.

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Tina Crawford

Tina Crawford is a born and bred Croydonite who draws with the sewing machine.

Her Tobyboo products can be seen in St Paul’s Cathedral, The Globe, Soane Museum, Museum of London and English Heritage to name a few.

Tina Crawford’s artwork is in collections including Soho House and the Science Museum, more locally you can see her work in the Oval Tavern!

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Croydon Creative Lamp Post Banners in situ

Lis Watkins

Lis is an illustration professional, creating hand-drawn images and maps to help businesses in the travel and event sectors connect with their customers.

She also gives drawing workshops, is a Visiting Lecturer at London Metropolitan University and co-founder of ‘Sketchwalk London,’ a project aiming to bring work colleagues together, outside of the office, to explore the capital in a pocket sketchbook. Lis is based at ASC Art House in Croydon.

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Bev Jones

Bev grew up in a tiny dot of a village in North Wales, her house was at the end of the road at the top of the mountain where the bus turned round and went back unable to follow the track any further.

It was a beautiful place, a hard place and a place for leaving. All the same, it went with Bev when she left.

Bev loves painting and most of what she paints is Croydon, loving the people and the crowds more than the buildings, but the buildings are part of the story too.

Lately Bev paints a lot of cranes, as there’s a lot of change to cope with just now.

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