Centrale & Whitgift present Immersive Gaming Event – ‘Next Level’

Centrale & Whitgift, in collaboration with charity Lives Not Knives, will deliver an immersive FREE gaming experience over the May half term.
‘Next Level’ is an exciting project created by the young people at Lives Not Knives, in which members of the community are invited to try out over 20 arcade and modern games.

A group of 15/16 year old’s have worked alongside Centrale & Whitgift to design the look, feel and experience of the gaming event.

Lives Not Knives is at the heart of Croydon’s efforts to engage, educate, and empower young people to be part of the solution to the problem of knife crime, which is affecting an increasing number of young people in the borough.

This event has already delivered for the community, by giving young people from Lives Not Knives an insight into how events are developed and allowing them to contribute suggestions such as game types, space layout, colours, music, lighting, operational set up, and even the event name.

The event planners met with the young people to deliver the brief and solicit feedback on important aspects of the event. The designers took the concepts and built the design around them. On the day of the launch, Centrale & Whitgift will invite the young ambassadors back to reveal what their creativity has evolved into.

There will also be tournament play-offs on Thursday1st and Saturday 3rd June, with the winner receiving a £100 GAME gift card and the runner-up receiving a £25 GAME gift card!

‘Next Level’ will be open to the public 11am – 5pm every day of the May half term.