Croydon BID Radio Link scheme gains momentum

Since its launch on April 1st, the new Croydon Business Improvement District (BID) Radio Link scheme has gained significant traction among businesses in Croydon.
The 5G and Wi-Fi-enabled radio system, used by the Metropolitan Police, Croydon BID Street Rangers, and other key partners such as shopping centres security teams, has proven to be an invaluable tool for sharing real-time information on known offenders.

With 36 radios already in use by 29 different businesses, the scheme has contributed towards creating a collaborative and proactive environment for tackling shoplifting and other criminal activities, thus ensuring a safer environment for customers and staff.

One local business experiencing the positive impact of the Croydon BID Radio Link system is Freshfields Market, who have witnessed a noticeable decrease in shoplifting incidents since using the Radio Link:

Since implementing the Croydon BID Radio Link scheme at Freshfields Market, we’ve seen an unprecedented change in our security dynamics. Not only have shoplifting incidents considerably decreased, but our team feels more connected and empowered, knowing that we’re part of a larger, collaborative network that prioritizes the safety and security of our community. This initiative has undoubtedly fostered a sense of unity among Croydon businesses and has showcased the strength of collective vigilance.
Ben Selvaratnam, Owner, Freshfields Market

The Croydon Metropolitan Police also recognises the value of the Croydon BID Radio Link in supporting the business community. Inspector James Weston, Croydon Metropolitan Police, comments:

The Croydon BID Radio Link has been an effective step towards enhancing security measures in our town centre, creating a united front against crime. Through collaboration, we can strengthen the environment, making it harder for offenders to operate. The local businesses’ support for the scheme reflects our collective commitment to creating a safe and prosperous environment for all.
Inspector James Weston, Croydon Metropolitan Police

The scheme’s success has driven considerable interest from local businesses, with 12 further businesses looking to join in the coming weeks. At this rate, Croydon BID expects over 55 businesses to join the network by the end of the year.

Croydon BID is encouraging more businesses to join the Radio Link scheme and is offering a £100 discount to Croydon BID levy payers, reducing the cost to an affordable £150 + VAT per year. Non-levy members can also join the scheme for £250 + VAT per year.

Contact us today to learn more about the Croydon BID Radio Link and to join the scheme. It is important to note that while the Croydon BID Radio Link aids in enhancing security, businesses are advised to remain vigilant and prioritize contacting the police via 999 in an emergency.