Croydon BID Street Ranger team deliver results

Introduced in August 2022, the Croydon BID Street Rangers have delivered more than 1800 hours of additional patrolling across the town centre, undertaken over 1150 business visits and assisted with over 190 incidents.
Ultimately, the Croydon BID Street Rangers serve as the eyes and ears of Croydon town centre, working closely with the Metropolitan Police and business network to make Croydon a safer environment for people to enjoy,

Their friendly and professional approach to deterring crime and anti-social behaviour has yielded tangible results for many town centre businesses, including assisting in the recovery of over £5,000 worth of stolen goods and supporting businesses with almost 200 different incidents reported via the Croydon BID Radio Link or when they have been in the right place at the right time.

The hours on patrol have seen the team take over 4 million steps around the town, providing a visible presence and assisting businesses and members of the public.

Assisting businesses with regards to shoplifting and the recovery of goods is a big part of their role with almost £900 of stock recovered in one incident alone as well as seizing of £300 of counterfeit money.

The team are also dealing with many different kinds of situations, such as supporting outreach teams when dealing with vulnerable individuals, working along police officers from the town centre team and undertaking joint patrols or conducting weapons sweeps through to identifying and assisting in the arrest of those wanted for various offences, including GBH against retail staff.

The Croydon BID Street Rangers carry the Croydon BID Radio Link, which can help support businesses if staff face trouble, as they are trained in diffusing and de-escalation.

The Croydon BID Radio Link is also used by the police, hospitality venues, and retail businesses, allowing intelligence to be shared throughout the town centre and updates to be shared quickly and effectively to keep shops, venues, employees, and customers safe.

For more information on the Croydon BID Street Rangers, click here. If a business experiences criminal activity, they should always call 999 in an emergency and if they have problems that are related to crime but are not necessarily an emergency, they should call 101.