Croydon BID Street Rangers deliver strong results for Croydon town centre

Business crime, anti-social behaviour, shoplifting and incidents of aggression towards staff are becoming all too common up and down our high streets and town centres.
In a determined effort to enhance safety and support, the Croydon BID Street Rangers have made significant strides over the last quarter.

Introduced in July 2022, our team of four Street Rangers work with the town centre business community offering a uniformed presence, greater visibility while acting as a conduit to collect greater intelligence between the business community and our partners including the Croydon Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). In the past 3 months, our street rangers have patrolled Croydon town centre, offering over 1,200 hours of additional visibility, covering over 2 million steps offering direct support to businesses and members of the public.

During this time, the Croydon BID Street Rangers were also actively engaged with local businesses, making 1,800 visits, and assisting in over 80 incidents. These interactions have helped to strengthen relationships with business owners and their employees, fostering a proactive environment that aids in the prevention of potential business threats and business-related criminal activity such as shoplifting and anti-social behaviour.

Our Street Ranger team are fast becoming central to supporting the reduction in business related crime while offering an increase in a visible on street presence for our business owners and staff to engage with. Not only are the team a reassuring presence, but they are also assisting our partners and businesses in the gathering of important intelligence to ensure positive action can be taken to collectively address the issues that matter to our residents and businesses.
Shaun Webster, Director of Operations at Croydon BID

Croydon BID is actively encouraging businesses to sign up to the Croydon BID Radio Link to improve communications, intelligence gathering and on street support response. Our Croydon BID Street Ranger team, trained in diffusing and de-escalating conflicts, can be contacted via the Croydon BID Radio Link to support situations of concern for businesses, employees, and member of the public.

The Radio Link enables effective information sharing among all stakeholders, including police, hospitality venues, and retail businesses.

To apply for a Croydon BID Radio Link, businesses should get in touch with Croydon BID.

Businesses are reminded to call the police at 999 in case of an emergency or call 101 for non-emergency cases related to crime.