Croydon Town Centre Police Update: June 2024

To enhance the safety and well-being of the local community, the Croydon Town Centre Metropolitan Police Service have been focused on tackling knife and weapons crime, violence against women and girls (VAWG), and addressing shoplifting and anti-social behaviour (ASB).
Here’s a closer look at their recent accomplishments and upcoming initiatives aimed at making Croydon a safer place for all:

Significant Gains in Community Safety

Cracking Down on Knife Crime and Drug Offenses: In a recent plain clothes operation targeting drugs and knife crime, the Croydon Metropolitan Police made 8 significant arrests, including a suspect wanted for grievous bodily harm (GBH). They seized 34 snap bags of drugs and conducted multiple stop and searches, uncovering further drug-related offences.

Raising Awareness on Violence Against Women and Girls: During Euro 2024, officers have been, and are, engaging with the community to highlight the troubling increase in domestic abuse linked to England games—26% when England plays and 36% when they lose. In June, the police distributed leaflets with information on support services, shared the Ask Angela campaign for bar safety and handed out bottle toppers to help prevent drink spiking. The StreetSafe website was introduced for anonymous reporting of unsafe areas. Street Pastors visited local venues and handed out flip flops for tired feet and listening ear for those who needed it.

Addressing ASB and Vehicle Theft: The police responded to a surge in anti-social behaviour and thefts from motor vehicles in the Whitgift car park by arresting two repeat offenders and increasing patrols. By increasing their patrols and making strategic arrests, they aim to significantly reduce incidents of anti-social behaviour and ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

Looking Ahead: Upcoming Initiatives

Shoplifting Operations: To combat shoplifting, the police conduct targeted operations every three months in collaboration with Croydon BID and the wider business community. You can find details of our last operation in March here:

New Weapons Crime Pilot: Starting in July, Croydon will launch a pilot program in collaboration with Westminster to address knife crime. This initiative will focus on proactive measures in key hotspot areas, increased resources, and frequent stop and searches. They will conduct days of action to maintain a strong police presence and deter criminal activity.

Enhanced VAWG Engagement: The police plan to expand their efforts to combat VAWG by increasing engagement in schools, colleges and the broader community. Their goal is to raise awareness of tools like StreetSafe and the Ask Angela campaign, build trust, and encourage reporting through pop-up tents and other outreach activities in the town centre.

How You Can Help: Use StreetSafe

The Croydon Town Centre Metropolitan Police Service encourage the local community to use the “StreetSafe” online reporting tool to help tackle violence against women and girls. By anonymously reporting areas where you feel unsafe, you provide valuable information that enables the police to address these issues effectively. Your input helps shape targeted responses and improves community safety.

To report, visit: StreetSafe |

Join Us in Making Croydon Safer

Through Operation Mooka, funded by Croydon BID, we are working in partnership with the Croydon Metropolitan Police to engage with the local business community. Police officers are visiting businesses in Croydon Town Centre fortnightly to engage, listen to concerns, and take action.

Contact us today to arrange a visit from our team.