Co(Working) 9 til 5: Hot desks to make a living

Discover centrally located venues in Croydon that provide professional co-working and hotdesking options.

As we start 2024, employers and employees are still trying to strike a balance between pre-pandemic working in the office and a more flexible working-from-home culture. While the battle rallies on, it seems hybrid working is here to stay for the foreseeable.

Most of us are still revelling in the WFH lifestyle. Gone are the early mornings, the armpit deep commutes, the meetings for the sake of meetings, the office politics, the enforced teambuilding…we won’t go on, you get it.

But, as the age-old adage goes, “be careful what you wish for”, because (despite all its benefits) WFH is not without its downsides. 

Finding the motivation to get up and get going can be just as much a struggle as it is to have the self-discipline to unplug and unwind at the end of each day. Not to mention the lack of inspiration, the procrastination and general “meh” when stuck in the same place on your own for days on end.

Whilst cafes can provide an instant fix, with new surroundings and faces to take the edge off the daily grind, the quick high can fade as fast as the caffeine does (when forced to order yet another cup to keep hold of your table).

Luckily Croydon has a range of centrally located co-working/hotdesking options for those looking for a professional workspace that isn’t their actual workplace.


Located opposite East Croydon station, Fern is ideal for those who need easy access to Central London (or to persuade clients and colleagues to meet up Croydon way).

The recently launched WFF (see what they did there) deal includes a £10 daily Hotdesking offer and an £85 monthly Membership package both of which give access to superfast broadband, an Express lunch menu, and a complimentary coffee.

During the day, the hustle of stressed commuters outside juxtaposes the relaxed, refined setting found indoors. As evening begins, hybrid workers can down (Macbook) tools and make the most of Fern’s mixologists.

Unit 1, 100a George St, Croydon, CR0 1GP

Sussex Innovation Centre

Located on the upper floors of one of Croydon’s most iconic buildings, this workspace prides itself on being the “Epicentre of Innovation”.

One Croydon (also known as the 50p building) was designed in the 70s by the renowned architect Richard Seifert (who also designed Centre Point and Tower 42). Much-loved by Brutalist architecture fans, the building featured heavily in the Black Mirror interactive ‘Bandersnatch’ episode.

Inside, Sussex Innovation Centre covers two floors, and offers Permanent desks (from £300 per month), Hot Desks (from £185 a month) and a 10 Day Hotdesking Pass (from £145 per month).

Membership includes a wide range of benefits, with a particular focus on business support. With access to their Investor network and a regular programme of networking events and opportunities, 1 in 6 members receive significant investment and over 25% go on to “achieve turnovers in their millions”.

12-16 Addiscombe Rd, Croydon, CR0 0XT

Matthews Yard

Founded in 2012, Matthews Yard is Croydon’s original co-working space.

It’s had a few iterations since then (never afraid to adapt to the changing landscape) and is now located back in Mathew’s Yard (tucked away just off Surrey Street).

The new co-working offer continues to attract Croydon’s “thinkers, dreamers and doers” and behind the doors of the public café are various hot desk, personal desk and private suite options – all available on flexible terms.

The £75 Workaholic monthly membership gives 7 days a week coworking access (from 8am to 11pm) alongside free hot drinks and 20% off food).

For those who would rather have the familiarity of their own desk (and not lug things back and forth), a £250 membership ensures your very own desk and storage space. 

Housing a yoga studio and crèche in the same building, Matthews Yard is a great workspace option for those wanting to incorporate happy babies (be they offspring or yoga poses) into their working day.

Unit 1, 6 Scarbrook Rd, Croydon, CR0 1UH

The Store

Forget unsightly filing cabinets and lines of soulless desks – this easy-on-the-eye spot provides a far more inspirational setting for creative hybrid workers.

Oozing character and history with its Victorian mosaic tiling, this bar and dining space in South Croydon has taken note that many flexible workers choose the first and last day of the week as their days to stay home.

The Store’s ‘Hot Desk Fridays’ run from 12pm to 5pm and include a £13 brunch menu which includes bottomless teas and coffees.

The spacious, plant-filled location (with plenty of plug sockets) is also a great place to start the weekend – with a ‘2 cocktails for £14’ offer kicking off at 5pm on the dot.

73 S End, Croydon, CR0 1BF