School Holiday Hangouts: Entertainment for all the Family

There’s plenty going on in Croydon to keep the kids entertained outside of school hours. 

Isn’t it funny how the word “Holiday” changes with age.

As children, we lived for endless school-free days. As parents, the holidays can seem, well…pretty endless really.

Thankfully, there’s plenty going on in Croydon to keep the kids entertained (and parental sanity relatively intact) outside of school hours.

Exciting Escapes

Whilst exotic escapes are off the agenda for most people right now, kids can be placated with this alternative.

This Escape Room opened in 2019 and the owners (two brothers) have been adding different themed rooms ever since.

Whilst those with claustrophobia might want to sit out, the kids will love searching for clues, solving puzzles, and completing tasks in order to “escape” from the locked room within the 60-minute deadline.

There are a range of experiences on offer including one based around a 1950s spy interrogation and another around a 1980s secret government medical research facility.

We won’t reveal the secrets of the 1990s Record Shop room but will warn you that the brilliant soundtrack (featuring Blur, Greenday and The Fugees) might make you want to lock yourself back in again when you do crack the code.

Grants Entertainment Centre, 14 High St, Croydon, CR0 1GT

The Heart of Gaming

A lot of heart has gone into making this Gaming Lounge and Arcade – kids of all ages will be blown away by the amount on offer in this huge space.

From retro arcade games to modern consoles, there’s something for everyone to Race, Shoot, Stomp, Fight or Play.

Old skool gamers might find themselves recalling fond memories of youth amongst the more vintage tech machines.

With over 60 games and 20 consoles on offer, kids can lose the best part of a day to electronic entertainment.

Thankfully, the £15 day pass system means your life savings won’t be lost in the process.

44-46 N End, Road, London, Croydon, CR0 1UG

Si5 Spy Missions

Whilst stopping the launch of a Nuclear Missile might seem a rather tall order when you’re struggling to just get your family out the door, the promise of a dedicated guide should give you the confidence you need to book in for this one-hour mission.

Kids will love watching parents crawling around on the floor as they attempt to dodge lasers, and working together should also help improve your weekday routine.

Once you’ve succeeded in saving London from certain destruction, arriving on time at the school gates (with homework complete and full PE kits intact) should be a breeze, right?!

7 Exchange Square, Croydon CR0 1TR

Flip Out

Announcements about flipping out at the weekend are normally met eye rolls. But kids’ reactions to a trip to this place should drum up far more enthusiasm.

This indoor adventure park is the stuff of (children’s) dreams – with mini golf, laser quest, ninja tag, ice rink, interactive football, bumper cars and an inflatable obstacle course all under one roof.

Book in for a 3-hour session and after exhausting themselves at everything on offer, the kids will be happy to head home to Flop Out.  

Centrale Shopping Centre, Frith Rd, Croydon, CR0 1TA

The Ludoquist

Board games have been keeping families entertained for generations, but The Ludoquist has elevated the experience.

This local board games café attracts people from across London and the wholesome atmosphere provides a sociable day or night out for all ages.

With over 700 games to choose from, there are plenty of helpful staff around to provide recommendations (and stop WW3 breaking out between families).

After a vigorous hour of “Kersplatting” and “Egg Slamming”, you might want to move on to a slightly calmer “Story Cubes” session before lunch.

The menu has been designed with (one-handed) players in mind which makes it nice and easy for kids, and a craft beer menu is much appreciated by parents.

This is a day out where everyone comes away a winner.

63-67 High St, Croydon, CR0 1QE