House of Fraser praise Croydon BID Street Rangers

The Croydon BID Street Rangers have received high praise from House of Fraser for their professionalism and hard work in resolving a recent incident.
The Croydon BID Street Rangers have been instrumental in ensuring the safety and security in Croydon town centre, and this recognition from a well-respected business in the area is a testament to their dedication and effectiveness.

The Street Ranger team have already had a busy first quarter of the year, attending 29 emergency responses, recovering £2,500 of goods, and attending 667 casual business visits.

House of Fraser was impressed by the Rangers’ swift response to a recent incident, and in recognition of their hard work, the store gave the Rangers a ‘thank you’ gift to show their appreciation.

This kind of support and recognition from local businesses is a testament to the value that the Croydon BID Street Rangers bring to the community. Their presence and proactive approach to safety help to create a sense of security and wellbeing that benefits everyone who lives, works, or visits the area.
Matthew Sims, Chief Executive, Croydon BID

The Street Rangers are a visible presence on the streets of Croydon, patrolling the town centre and responding to any issues that arise. They work closely with the police as well as with local businesses, to build strong relationships and maintain a cohesive approach to community safety.

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