Look up! Creative Croydon gallery brings vibrant art to town centre

In an exciting collaboration, five talented local artists have come together to transform 40 lamp post banners across Croydon town centre into a vibrant canvas, injecting colour, and creativity into our streets.
Croydon Business Improvement District (BID) and Julia Woollams of 31% Wool are pleased to present ‘Creative Croydon’, an outdoor art exhibition featuring 15 stunning works of art by local artists Divya Sharma, Matt Bannister, Melanie Russell, Miguel Sopena, and Skye Baker.

The artwork has been displayed on more than 40 lamppost banners throughout Croydon town centre, transforming our streets into a vibrant canvas as Croydon embraces its creative identity as the London Borough of Culture.

We are such a talented borough that it is incumbent on us to celebrate it as much as we can which is why we are so excited to release the second instalment of Creative Croydon, a unique, vibrant, and accessible open air art gallery for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. The exceptional work of Divya Sharma, Matt Bannister, Skye Baker, Miguel Sopena, and Melanie Russell, which is displayed on our lamp post banners throughout Croydon Town Centre, is truly captivating, and we hope that this exhibition reignites an appreciation for Croydon’s vibrant artistic scene as it embraces its creative identity as the London Borough of Culture.
Matthew Sims, Chief Executive at Croydon BID

The banners will be up until April 2024, so don’t miss out on seeing them. Use the hashtag #CreativeCroydon to share your photos.

Looking to dive deeper into the artistic minds behind this project? Take a moment to read the exclusive Q&A with each artist, available on the Croydonist website: https://www.croydonist.co.uk/creative-croydon-23/

Find information about Croydon BID’s other work to refresh our town centre here: https://croydonbid.com/business/refresh/



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