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As the festive season begins, and the demand on our transport system increases, Croydon BID (Business Improvement District) has been working with the British Transport Police (BTP) to secure additional patrols across the London tram network. This is the fifth year that this successful initiative will be taking place.

An additional 30 police officers will be drafted in to provide practical assistance, advice and reassurance to members of the public who are travelling at key times over the festive season.

Aimed predominantly at people who are travelling at night, these additional patrols will also support late night shoppers and Christmas family activities. The increased police presence on the tram network helps to contribute to enabling a safe night out in Croydon, including people’s journeys in and out of the town centre between 5pm and 1am.

Beginning on the 14th November and carrying on until the week of Christmas, the 30 additional police officers will provide a minimum of 144 hours of extra presence at key times.

Last year, the initiative was so successful that it saw a 44% reduction in reported violent crimes being committed across the London Trams network in this period.

To ensure a safer, more enjoyable night for all, additional advice is being provided with the following top ten tips:

Ten top tips include:

  • Plan your journey before leaving home
  • Let someone know you’re making the journey and when you expect to be home
  • Try to keep your phone charged, should you need to contact anyone
  • If you’re travelling late at night, travel in groups where possible
  • If you’re travelling to an unfamiliar area, try to understand more about the area before you visit
  • If you’re travelling by bus, train or tram, sit near to other passengers or where the driver can see you
  • Avoid walking alone in places like parks or side streets after dark and try to keep to busier, more well-lit places instead
  • Keep personal belongings such as mobile phones zipped up in a bag or pocket, out of sight
  • If you’re using a taxi or a minicab, remember only black taxis can be hailed, and minicabs must be pre-booked with a licensed company
  • Never get into an un-booked car as there will be no record of your journey or your driver

Rebecca Molloy, Business Crime & Safety Manager at Croydon BID said:  “Working together, Croydon BID and the British Transport Police are intent on offering additional coverage and visibility across the tram network so that those using the town centre, particularly during the festive period, feel safe and confident to do so.” 

“Equally, it is important that those enjoying our night time economy take note of some of the practical advice and tips for a safer night so that they can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, events and activities taking place across Croydon. Our continued thanks to the BTP officers supporting this valuable initiative.”

Croydon’s Christmas programme will begin on the 16th and 17th November 2019 with Croydon’s Christmas Celebration, followed swiftly by a traditional Christmas market from 28th November 2019 to 15th December 2019. Croydon BID hopes that the additional police presence, both during the day and at night, will offer you and your families increased reassurance and allow you to enjoy the Christmas festivities without interruption. 


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