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Another busy month for the Fairfield Ward Police Team

Safer Streets
September was another busy month for the Fairfield Ward Police team – including Back to School Week and some filming for the new Met Police recruitment video.

During the month, the team made the following arrests: one fraud, four wanted by the courts, one for harassment and six during Back to School week.

Back to school week was particularly busy, with 18 arrests in the town centre in total with six of those coming from the Fairfield Ward team. There were also 54 stop and searches conducted, three knives discovered during weapon sweeps, two stolen mopeds recovered and four community resolutions for possession of cannabis.

September 20th proved a very long day for three members of the team. PC Michaels-Dubois, PC Humphries and PC Fouracre were on duty for 22 hours, executing a Section 23 Mis-use of Drugs Act warrant, recovering and seizing a large machete, and conducting a thorough investigation dealing with a vulnerable elderly victim who was being defrauded.

On September 26th, PC Michaels-Dubois and PC Mwangfi hosted a community stop and search workshop, this was very well received. On the same day, the team assisted Waddon and Broad Green neighbourhood teams with a day of action around Wandle Park and Derby Road, with multiple stop and searches and two arrests.

Two new PC’s from Police Now, PC Tilly Fouracre and PC Bilal Sani-Mohammed, completed their first four weeks of street duties during the course of the month.

As well as completing numerous stop and search role plays, whilst here PC Sani-Mohammed arrested a male wanted for harassment and PC Fouracre arrested another male who was wanted by the court. They will both now go on to join different neighbourhood ward teams.

The Fairfield team also featured on the small screen in September, as the focus of some filming for the new Met Police Recruitment video. The film can be seen here -

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