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Body worn video cameras formally debut in Croydon

Safer Streets
Body worn video cameras have been formally introduced in Croydon

Their introduction follows a successful pilot which took place across several London boroughs in a bid to help modernise the Metropolitan Police Service through the use of technology.

The cameras are small, visible devices that are worn attached to officers’ uniforms  (usually on the chest) and are used to capture both video and audio evidence when officers are attending all types of incidents.

The position of the camera allows for those viewing the footage to see the situation from the officer's perspective and the camera acts as an independent witness to police actions and interactions.

The camera records the footage onto an internal and secure storage device which is subsequently uploaded for use either as evidence at court or other legal proceedings or automatically deleted if not required for policing.

Around 22,000 cameras are now gradually being rolled out elsewhere across London with the ultimate aim of bringing about speedier justice and greater transparency of policing.

For full details of how BWV will work and be used visit

If you would like to provide feedback and/or comments on the initiative, contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team

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