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Our Check Out Croydon offer and discount card is back, bolder and more vibrant than ever before, connecting your business directly with those that live, work and visit Croydon town centre. We understand the challenges that you are facing as a business and, by working side by side, we can offer you innovative solutions such as the new, revitalised, Check Out Croydon card.

So what’s it for? Check Out Croydon is designed to support the promotion of your business, your offers and discounts for the purpose of creating further footfall, loyalty and spend.

Who is it for? The Check Out Croydon card is aimed at not just employees, but also residents and visitors. Since its launch in 2013, participating businesses have benefitted from the promotion of specific product lines, discounts, seasonal offers and events, to an ever-increasing number of cardholders. 

How much is it? The FREE Check Out Croydon card scheme provides even greater incentive to those who live, work and visit Croydon to spend here on a regular basis. Working with you collectively, Croydon BID will manage the scheme to ensure a wealth of great offers and discounts, focussed on attracting and keeping new customers. 

Any offers are welcome! All you have to do is let us know what you would like to promote.   Whether they are offers that are exclusive to subscribers, or those offers that are open to everyone; this is a chance to shout about them. 

We’re always interested in your news and events: have you got a new product line, are you launching an event, or simply looking to promote news about a re-launch, refurbishment or expansion? Or would you like us to conduct a venue review on your behalf? 

Get in touch – let’s work together. 

Businesses subscribed to the Check Out Croydon card scheme will receive the complete package including new card allocations, window stickers, till stickers, and other handy marketing materials.  

What are you waiting for? Contact me at Croydon BID today on my contact details below, and/or email your offers, news and events to:

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