Chief Inspector Craig Knight's Message to Croydon BID Members

Safer Streets
Craig Knight
Chief Inspector, South Area Basic Command Unit.

Hi everyone,

It is a really tough time for businesses right now and I know how you are all having to adapt to changes to your environment. The lockdowns over the last 12 months have made trading conditions extremely difficult and some of you will have furloughed staff or been adapting your businesses, anticipating future conditions.

Whilst you do this, the Police has been maintaining a visible presence in the town centre and surrounds. Working alongside Croydon BID’s increasing visibility with their Day and Night Rangers. This has continued throughout the pandemic. Operation Mooka is the name of our dedicated patrol plan for the town centre and our town centre officers, alongside the ward teams assigned to the town, have achieved some great results. Not least we have managed to gain criminal behaviour orders, against a number of people who have persistently been committing crime in the town. These orders, issued by a court, impose conditions such as banning orders from premises or areas for a period of two years. These orders are only possible if people support police with statements and evidence.

If you have an individual that is affecting you routinely with criminal activity or harassment, do come forward and let us know. There is a great deal we can do together to resolve the problem.

I’m also aware that during the pandemic the issue of the homeless in the town remains. There is a very careful balance of the welfare of individuals living on the streets and the need to ensure a minority do not commit crime in our areas. Police work closely with the Council to reduce homelessness, begging and associated anti-social behaviour. It is particularly important we do this whilst supporting individuals through the pandemic and adverse weather.

I am also pleased to tell you we have launched a new initiative in the town to tackle robbery and street based violence. You will, I am sure, notice an increased policing presence, particularly on the outskirts of the town centre as we try and reduce offenders entering the area. This operation is only a few days old but has already resulted in 10 arrests.

As Croydon BID evolves to the constant challenges we face, police will work alongside them, and you, to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour and keep you safe and feeling safe. We are planning now for a return to what will be a new normality as the lockdown hopefully eases and our shops, businesses, restaurants and pubs begin to re-open again.

In the meantime, stay safe, listen and respond the advice that is given to reduce the spread of the pandemic and I look forward to working alongside you and seeing some of you again soon.

Thanks everyone.


Craig Knight

Chief Inspector 240237

Neighbourhoods and Partnership

South Area Basic Command Unit


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