Chief Inspector Craig Knight's Update to Croydon BID

Safer Streets
Update on safety in the town centre, published 22nd March 2021

Dear Croydon BID colleagues,

Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel for what has been a financial year none of you will forget, I’m sure. Schools have returned and towards the end of the month we will be allowed to see a friend outside. I really do hope that the remainder of the easing of restrictions happens according to the timetable and that it will give you all much needed financial stability and opportunities to finally see family and friends.

As we do ease ourselves away from Covid restrictions, it’s really important we all plan for the future, and policing and public safety is no exception to this. I have been working alongside colleagues in the local authority and the BID to ensure that as restrictions ease our policing plan reflects the changes and needs of us all as a town centre. This includes the opening of shops and increasing patrols in town centres, keeping our shared spaces safe and as we move into June, ensuring we are effectively policing the night time economy as our pubs and restaurants open fully.

I can also let you know that Police in Croydon have increased the number of dedicated officers available to the town centre. I and colleagues have moved around 30 extra police officers into the town centre, dedicated to policing the town and its specific needs throughout the coming months. This is really good news and has been made possible by the uplift in overall police numbers we are seeing this year. These officers will remain with us in the town for the foreseeable future. The ward officers and PCSO’s remain of course and there are a number of policing operations planned to tackle the issues you have all raised over the last 6 months, as well as the anticipated demands placed on us all through the summer and autumn.

In the last 6 weeks we have undertaken specific operations in the West Croydon and Fairfield area. Called ‘Operation Cleveland’ this has resulted in multiple arrests, weapons and drugs taken off the streets and a number of longer term applications made to the courts for banning orders to keep problem people out of Croydon’s town. The feedback from businesses and residents has been superb and I would like to thank them for coming forward in support of what we are doing. Only by working together can we ever truly make a difference.

We will of course listen and respond to the concerns people have raised recently about feeling safe in public and our plans include a number of measures to keep you all safe and most importantly, feeling safe.

Can I ask that you continue to work with us to make the easing of lockdown as safe and effective as possible, reminding your staff and customers of the need to maintain the rules and advice around Covid personal safety to give us the best chance of returning to some sort of normality in the next few months.

Stay safe everyone and I wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable Spring.

Craig Knight

Chief Inspector 240237

Neighbourhoods and Partnership

South Area Basic Command Unit

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