The Cleaning Team: Croydon BID’s hidden heroes

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Twice a week, before the sun rises, Croydon BID’s cleaning heroes, Illidio and Augustine, are out on Croydon’s streets; deep cleansing pavements, cleaning graffiti, removing gum and making Croydon shine.

The team work to a structured programme, targeting the areas that are most in need and used most often by members of the public.  They work closely with the fantastic Welcome ambassadors, who note what needs close attention and cleaning, through their daily street operations duties. The ambassadors are able to report directly through to the team.

Led by Croydon BID’s Head of Operations, Shaun Webster, the team are also able to respond to special requests from businesses, such as cleaning areas that are privately owned, or assisting with a fly-tip removal. Our cleaning team are absolute experts at professionally cleaning up Croydon and they work industriously, doing long days, starting at 4am, whilst the streets are quiet and empty. 

Shaun Webster, Head of Operations, Croydon BID says,

“Our cleaning team are out there in all weathers, even the darkest depth of the winter, they work cheerfully to clean up our streets. It’s always great to walk down the high street and see the impact they’ve had”.

Since the start of this year alone, they’ve spent 1,200 hours on additional town centre cleaning. They’ve removed over 400 pieces of graffiti and washed over 500 pieces of street furniture.

They’ve also deep cleaned 10,000 square metres of pavement; which, to put in context, is the equivalent of 40 professional tennis courts. 

We call them our hidden heroes, but they are easily recognised, in their sky blue uniforms and ever friendly smiles.  


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