COVID-19: Interview with Chief Inspector Craig Knight

Safer Streets
Chief Inspector Craig Knight of the Metropolitan Police spoke to Croydon BID's CEO, Matthew Sims, today, offering insights about the current situation for Croydon and key advice for businesses to secure their premises.

A summary of key comments from the interview with Chief Inspector Craig Knight:

  • Crime patterns will change but at the moment, policing is “business as usual”; the police are still patrolling the streets, responding to 999 calls and so on.
  • The free car parking provision that Croydon BID helped source, with the support of Ruskin Square and NCP, has been extremely helpful to the police force.
  • There has been a reduction in alcohol-related reported issues (less drunks, less fights) and so the policing resources have been able to adjust and there is higher visibility patrolling, as well as more foot patrols and proactive patrols in the community.
  • There has also been less domestic burglary as more people are at their homes, and acting as ‘the eyes and ears’ of their communities. .
  • There have been more calls in regard to low level crime, from good citizens with concerns about vulnerable people in their communities, as well as calls in regard to COVID-19 related issues. There are more concerns regarding issues, such as domestic violence, so the police are monitoring and tackling those.
  • The Met police have plans in place in case of any public disorder, but implore people to keep following the governmental advice. The Chief Inspector says “If we don’t do this, we put people’s lives at risk.”

Chief Inspector Craig Knight’s tips for securing your premises:

  • Make sure your security is on and works. Check bolts on doors etc.
  • If you have an alarm, use it. If it is controlled by an alarm company, check that they’re still in operation. Check it is fully functional and any links work.
  • Protect or remove/relocate any high value items.
  • Consider increasing the number of cameras, or installing motion sensor cameras.
  • Take a considered look at your property; if you had lost your keys, would there be any way you could get in? How? This simple technique works for both commercial premises and your own home!
  • Find advice online. (n.b. link below)

A short excerpt from the above video: a message to the business community from Chief Inspector Craig Knight:

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