Croydon BID and the Metropolitan Police announce new initiative to invest in your safety

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Croydon BID and the Metropolitan Police are delighted to announce a new long-term partnership of collaboration as the parties offer additional support in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

The new initiative will see an increase in visibility through increased overtime opportunities and a more focused programme of operational activities which will deal with fundamental issues related to business crime.

Croydon BID and the Metropolitan Police have committed to delivering additional police officers into the town centre for three days per week. Two additional police officers will be added to the police town team on Thursday and Friday each week, designed to not only reduce crime and anti-social behaviour but to also increase visibility and business engagement. The third and final day of activity will be determined by the Metropolitan Police.

The police officers will complete 8 hour shifts per day across the three day rota of overtime, completing 48 hours of additional activity per week. Croydon BID has been clear in making sure its coverage of additional support not only supports the day time economy but also the local night time economies with varying shift patterns.

Croydon BID has furthermore agreed to invest in additional officers from October to December 2019 to directly support the night time economy, improving the feeling of safety in the area. Two additional officers will be introduced on Saturdays from 2.00pm – 10.00pm.

Supplementing the overtime activity, Croydon BID will work hand in hand with the Metropolitan Police to introduce focused operational activity every month, involving six officers working an eight hour shift per operation. Operational activity will be determined through the partnership and engagement with the business community to focus on specific business crime issues such as shoplifting, street begging and anti-social behaviour.

The agreement with the Metropolitan Police follows a successful pilot through the summer months, which saw Croydon BID invest in overtime and operational activities across the town centre. As a result, Croydon BID invested in 665 additional policing hours, the completion of 44 stop and searches, and 41 arrests and over 400 business visits.

Matthew Sims, Chief Executive said:

“Croydon BID delivers a host of initiatives and programmes across the town centre. Investing in your safety is the number one priority and therefore I am delighted to continue our successful partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in this way. Our focus has, and will always be, delivering additional value for our membership, supplementing in this case, what is already provided by the team at Croydon MPS. 

Visibility is, and always will be, a core element of any safety initiative we deliver. The business visits conducted throughout the summer are an encouraging sign that the new team are engaging with the business community, understanding their needs and more importantly delivering the support they need.”

Superintendent Colin Carswell welcomed the partnership stating:

“Our partnership with Croydon BID is delivering tangible results for the town centre. As we deliver a modern police service, we must pro-actively consider opportunities to work in partnership with organisations such as Croydon BID. By working together, we can make a real difference to crime and the fear of crime in our communities.

This collaborative approach will offer additional resources focused on supporting the business community in Croydon town centre with greater visibility combined with the more focused operational activity, supporting businesses where they most need it. There is no doubting that there are key challenges to overcome but a partnership such as this one present a real opportunity to collectively improve the quality of life for businesses, residents and shoppers alike.”

Ourselves and Croydon BID will continue to keep businesses informed with a top-line, weekly summary of results from the Met police partnership. These results will be made available online.

Croydon BID has been committed to investing in your safety, spending in excess of £3m on a range of initiatives designed to reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB) and crime across the town centre since its inception in 2007.

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