Croydon BID brings back a rainbow of flower power to the town centre

Cleaner and Greener
Croydon BID are pleased to announce that today, on the last day of June, we’ve brought in hundreds of flowers to bring colour and vibrancy to the town centre again. The array of colours and vibrancy of the hanging baskets will add much to the urban landscape in time for the long, sunny days ahead.
For the 4th consecutive year, Croydon BID has recruited the well-respected organisation, Window Flowers, to provide flower displays in baskets and maintain them throughout the summer months. Window Flowers has worked with many other BIDs, as well as the Ritz and House of Parliament, brightening up the overall appearance of locations with the natural beauty of flowers. In Croydon, this initiative is aimed at increasing greening and improve the aesthetic look of Croydon’s town centre. 
Matthew Sims, chief executive of Croydon BID says:
“Although the recent crisis has meant a later delivery and lower number of flower baskets than previous years, we hope that their arrival, in time for the reopening of pubs and restaurants, and potentially an increased amount of outdoor seating, will be appreciated by our business community and their customers, as well as all who visit the town centre.”
The company who install and maintain the floral arrangements, Window Flowers, will keep them looking good in their hanging baskets throughout the summertime.
Miles Watson-Smyth, managing director of Window Flowers says,
“We really enjoy working with Croydon BID, and providing flowers to uplift the appearance of the High Street and North End in particular. It gives us the same satisfaction to see the difference our flowers make to a place, whether it is in the height of luxury at the Ritz or in the town centre of Croydon.”
Croydon BID is grateful that our business community continues to fund and support this initiative as it makes a valuable contribution to delivering brighter streets in the town centre and improving the overall appearance. 

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