Croydon BID Brings Bright Banners with Uplifting Messages to the Town Centre

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Croydon BID has launched a series of uplifting lamp post banner designs as part of its reopening campaign designed to welcome back customers in to Croydon Town Centre with colour and vibrancy at their heart.
It is clear to see that the new lamp post messages are in direct response to the challenges we are all facing with the continued pandemic, in the hope that they can bring a smile, encouragement and a sense of togetherness that has helped us across the past four months. 
Whether you live, work or visit Croydon Town Centre, you will soon be welcomed by: ‘Why Limit Happy to an Hour?’; ‘Together we’ve got this’; ‘Let’s look after each other’; ‘Explore and enjoy’; and ‘We’re here for you’.
These 5 different designs will now adorn over 45 lamp post columns across the town centre including Lansdowne Road, North End, George Street, Church Street, and the High Street. The new designs went live on12th August 2020 supported by our installation team from Bay Media. 
Matthew Sims, Chief Executive of Croydon BID said: 
“In recent weeks, we have worked hard to promote a safe and secure environment, with renewed signage and information towers, for all those that use the town centre as part of the reopening. The messages combined with the vibrant colours bring, we hope, a sense of togetherness as we welcome back consumers into our town centre."
Croydon BID commissioned creative agency To The Point to develop the new lamp post designs requesting that our existing CR campaign be incorporated. 
Simon Hutton, Managing Director of To The Point said: 
“As a local resident, there has never been a more important time to provide positive, uplifting messaging and design in amongst such concern and uncertainty. Croydon continues to show real character throughout the pandemic and we hope that with some of the messages, we have shown the incredible community spirit Croydon possesses.” 
Croydon BID played an integral leading role in supporting the town centre and its business community during the period of lockdown, including its national lobbying campaign "Raise The Bar" to support businesses with a rateable value of £51k+ to access finance. As part of a multi-agency approach, Croydon BID continues to represent the voice of businesses as sectors such as retail and hospitality strive to meet the challenges of the pandemic as we aim to boost consumer confidence in a safe and secure way.  

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