Croydon BID Cleansing Team’s 2020 Vision of Success

Cleaner and Greener
Croydon BID’s specialist cleansing team, funded by the members of Croydon BID, were vital to the ongoing work of tackling the dirt and grime across the town centre once again.
As well as jet washing over 35,000 square metres of pavement surface, which is the equivalent of approx. 130 tennis courts, cleaning over 1,600 pieces of street furniture and removing 1,500 pieces of graffiti (ugly tags, not street art) and fly posters, they also carried out numerous additional tasks on behalf of businesses. These included the disinfection of touch points, after the first lockdown, with specialist cleansing solutions, the wash-down of over 100 business frontages (signage and windows) and repainting of hoardings, benches and underpasses. 
Our incredibly resilient Croydon BID cleansing team work in all weathers, starting at 4am in the morning, often taking on tasks that are not for the faint-hearted. In 2020, they cleaned over 300 ‘grot spots’, removing accumulated rubbish and debris and disinfecting these places. These are corners of the town centre that are often misused as toilets, or rough sleeping spots or private pockets of land for which no one else will take responsibility. In tackling the cleansing of these dark corners, our Croydon BID cleansing team make a really important difference to the aesthetic experience of the town centre.
In 2020, our Croydon BID cleansing team also achieved in brightening the key underpasses, with a complete overhaul of the Fairfield Underpass, painting over the threatening graffiti that had accumulated, as well as regular cleaning of the Whitgift Underpass.
Shaun Webster, Head of Operations for Croydon BID, who manages the cleansing team said:
“Our commitment to delivering brighter streets on behalf of businesses and for the town not only continued in 2020, but the delivery increased and adapted to the emerging situation. We are incredibly proud of the achievements made by our specialist cleansing team, whose relentlessly hard work has resulted in improving the appearance of a large area of the town centre and supporting our local businesses.”

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