Croydon BID Cleansing Team Increase Production to Brighten the Town Centre

Cleaner and Greener
Croydon BID’s targeted cleansing team has not stopped since returning to work in June, supporting businesses and consumers alike across the town centre.
They have been working hard in all weathers, responding to our business members’ requests, removing graffiti and fly posts, cleaning pavements, street furniture, removing chewing gum and adding some tender loving care to store fronts. 
Last month alone, throughout July, they removed 159 fly posts and graffiti, washed 329 items of street furniture, cleaned 6,500 sq m of pavements and cleaned over 40 business frontages. 
This month, the increased cleansing of Croydon town centre by the specialist Croydon BID team continues to provide a noticeable improvement to the appearance. As well as the relentless removal of unsightly graffiti tags, over the next two weeks, the team will target key areas, including outside West Croydon train station and Fairfield underpass. 
Outside West Croydon train station, the team will concentrate on gum removal and deep cleansing of the pavements, bringing much needed improvements to the look and feel of the area. The team will not only deep clean the Fairfield underpass, they will also add a lick of paint to a neglected area of the town centre, covering all the graffiti tags that can make it feel an intimidating and unsightly place to walk through. 
Shaun Webster, Head of Operations for Croydon BID, says:
“We are committed to delivering brighter streets, improving the look and feel of the town centre for all those that use the town centre. There is no doubt that it is a challenge but our team are incredibly dedicated to improving the aesthetic qualities of the town centre and in turn supporting our businesses. Working with the business community, we are responding to their requests with targeted cleansing, ensuring our urban environment looks clean and bright for all.”

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