Croydon BID cleansing team prepare North End for the festive season

Cleaner and Greener
Croydon BID’s specialist cleansing team has continued their valued efforts to help improve Croydon town centre, with a dedicated focus on North End. They have continued the massive task that they began a couple of months ago to power wash the pavements of North End, and remove a mountain of chewing gum, in preparation for the festive season.
In September, in permissible weather conditions, they were painting and improving the street furniture and items through the High Street, including gates, benches and bollards. This program of painting continues into October with other areas, including Thomas Turner Path and George Street being targeted.  As well as these specialist tasks they have continued with their normal ongoing tasks removing 132 pieces of graffiti and fly posters, power jet washed 4,220 square metres of pavements and washed 278 items of street furniture over the last month.
The cleansing team has a full schedule in the forthcoming weeks, responding to requests from businesses for assistance with shop fronts. They will also continue the battle against graffiti tags, which are consistently an issue in the town centre, as well as focussing on cleansing at the law courts.
If your business requires any assistance with specific cleansing, such as power-washing and disinfecting pavements, washing store fronts, removing graffiti and/or litter, please do get in touch. 

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