Croydon BID confirms free car parking spaces for the Met Police and NHS Emergency workers, courtesy of Ruskin Square

Safer Streets
In challenging times such as these, the need to remove barriers and working positively together has never been so important.

Thanks to swift collaboration, working with Ruskin Square, we have secured over 125 free car parking spaces to be used by our Metropolitan Police and NHS emergency workers

Our frontline emergency services are without question the heroes of our time as we deal with the greatest public health challenge this country has faced in generations. Keeping our emergency services operational is, as ever, a priority for all during this very concerning time.

The provision of these free car parking spaces will allow both the Metropolitan Police and NHS emergency workers to focus on their critical role in and around Croydon, reducing the threat to them of contagions being shared when we most need them.  

Inspector Steve Warnes said,

“The accessibility and free car parking spaces will be extremely helpful to both our Met Police teams, as well as the NHS Emergency workers, who are all working at full capacity to ensure the safety of the public. We thank Croydon BID and Ruskin Square for their consideration.”

Working closely with the Metropolitan Police and Ruskin Square, Croydon BID was able to act quickly to secure over 125 free car parking spaces, which will be allocated by the Metropolitan Police.

Matthew Sims, Chief Executive of Croydon BID, said,

“These challenging times are highlighting the importance of close partnership between the private and public sectors more than ever and we are grateful to Ruskin Square for their generous support of our incredible Metropolitan Police and NHS Emergency workers.”




Ruskin Square

1 Ruskin Road

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