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Floor stencils and social distancing stickers go down a treat

For the last two weeks of June, Croydon BID has been supporting businesses on a number of issues to prepare adequately as...
1st July 2020 | Safer Streets

Targeted Cleansing for Croydon’s Reopening

Our Croydon BID specialist cleansing team has been back at work, delivering brighter streets in time for the reopening of...
1st July 2020 | Cleaner and Greener

Croydon BID brings back a rainbow of flower power to the town centre

Croydon BID are pleased to announce that today, on the last day of June, we’ve brought in hundreds of flowers to bring...
1st July 2020 | Cleaner and Greener

CEO Blog - 30th June 2020

There is no doubting the level of apprehension and nervousness as our high streets, towns and cities reopen following the...
1st July 2020 | Business engagement

Cyber security - top three tips to securing your business

Neil Sinclair, who was voted one of the most influential people in technology last year by the Evening Standard, has had a...
30th June 2020 | Business engagement

Croydon Champions Volunteer Scheme Goes Live

At the weekend, on Saturday, 27th June 2020, the Croydon Champions Volunteer Scheme, organised by Croydon BID went live.
30th June 2020 | Perception and Image

Check Out Croydon June 2020 Newsletter

Did you miss the newsletter we sent this week? It may have got lost in your inbox or perhaps you haven't subscribed yet?...
19th June 2020 | Business engagement

The Future of Retail on BBC Click: Unmissable!

Have you watched this BBC programme on the future of retail?
19th June 2020 | Business engagement

COVID-19: New London Transition Board Launched

The London Transition Board, to coordinate London’s transition from lockdown to recovery from Covid-19, met for the first...
12th June 2020 | Business engagement

Voluntary Croydon Champions launched as town centre gears up for reopening

Croydon BID and its partners are launching a new voluntary initiative that will deliver a warm and friendly welcome back to...
11th June 2020 | Perception and Image


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