Croydon BID to headline sponsor SLEEP OUT

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There is an estimated 280,000 homeless people in the UK; meaning that 1 in every 200 of us is homeless.[1]

Last year, Evolve Housing + Support launched Croydon’s first ever SLEEP OUT and raised over £75,000 for their work, which offers accommodation and  services to support people who are homeless in Croydon and other London boroughs. Over 150 people, from all walks of life, slept out in Boxpark Croydon, including ‘The Apprentice’ runner-up, Bianca Miller-Cole, and her husband, Byron.

We are pleased to announce that, for the second year running, Croydon BID will be sponsoring the event on Sunday 29 March 2020, which will again be held at Boxpark.

Entries are open to everyone brave enough to give up their bed for one night. All the money raised will be used to help Evolve’s work supporting people who are homeless into fulfilled, independent lives.

Croydon BID’s Chief Executive, Matthew Sims, who also took part, says,

“Homelessness will not go away. In a modern society such as ours, the hope will always be to provide the much-needed support and resources to those that desperately need it. SLEEP OUT Croydon 2020 is just a small way where we can collectively come together and raise not just the profile of homelessness but the funds for those that actually experience it day after day. Together we can play a vital role. All we ask is that you join us for this special one night event and shine a light on those that live this day in, day out.”

The number of rough sleepers in Croydon is the highest of any outer London borough[2]. Furthermore, a recent survey revealed that 55% of rough sleepers in Croydon are ‘chronically homeless’ as they’ve been sleeping rough for over a year or have high, complex needs[3].

Rough sleeping is only the tip of the iceberg. There are 2,039 families living in temporary accommodation in Croydon, nearly four times the national average[4].  Moreover, there is an unidentified number of ‘hidden homeless’- people without a place to call home but hidden from statistics. They may be caught in a relentless cycle of sofa surfing, living in squats or sleeping on public transport.

Evolve provides housing and support to over 2,000 people across London each year, and is the leading charity provider of homelessness accommodation in Croydon. Working with partners such as Crisis, Evolve spearheaded the ‘CR Zero 2020’ initiative to end chronic rough sleeping in Croydon. As well as providing supported accommodation to 700 people in London, including Alexandra House and Palmer House in Croydon, their counselling, health and well-being, work and learning and mentoring programmes provide the additional help that people need to move on from homelessness. Evolve not only provides somewhere for homeless people to live but complete wrap-around support to gain skills, employment and ultimately thrive.

Debra Ives, Director of Operations from Evolve Housing + Support has said;

‘’We were overwhelmed by the support of the community last year in a united effort to end homelessness. Most people aren’t aware of the complex needs of homeless people, and our community raised enough money to provide otherwise inaccessible mental health support and tangible work opportunities for those in our services. It shows the true power of what can be done when a community pulls together and fights for one cause. We applaud those taking on the challenge again and welcome those taking part for the first time. We’re excited for our second sleep out; it is going to be a night of positive impact.’’

It’s only one night. One night not in your own bed. One night on a concrete floor. One night without the comforts of your own home.

We know this will not come close to the harsh realities of what it is like to be sleeping rough every single night, without any idea when it might end, but by taking part, you are actively raising awareness of the crisis, and most importantly, raising funds that will effectively help homeless people to rebuild their lives and gain independence.

To book a place or find out more, follow this link /the link below.

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