Croydon BID Increases Investment in Safety for the Festive Season

Safer Streets
In order to support businesses in the town centre throughout the Festive period, Croydon BID has launched Day Rangers, following the implementation of Night Rangers over a month ago.
The Day Rangers will be in operation from the 2nd December to Sunday 3rd January 2021 and will support the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure sectors. Working in pairs, these fully (SIA) qualified personnel will be easily identifiable in Croydon BID-branded clothing. They will operate from 1pm to 6pm from Wednesday to Sunday every week with the same remit as the Night Rangers.    
On the 28th October 2020, to support the Night Time Economy in particular, Croydon BID launched the Night Rangers scheme. Two fully qualified (SIA) Night Rangers, wearing body cameras and carrying Croydon BID radios, have been patrolling the town centre for 5 days per week to provide visibility, reassurance and confidence to those using the town centre. They completed 168 venue visits in the first week but then lockdown temporarily adapted their remit and carried out 478 security checks, to reduce the risk of break-ins and robberies. They will continue to support the Night Time Economy in Croydon town centre throughout December.
In addition to the Night and Day Rangers, Croydon BID are funding Police Officers to deliver a combination of Overtime Shifts and Operational Days within Croydon town centre. Working in partnership at a local level, these Police Officers are helping to reduce business related crime and prevent antisocial behaviour (ASB) in the Croydon BID area. In the past 3 weeks alone, they have delivered 144 hours, which has included 93 engagement visits to our town centre retailers, 3 arrests and responses to two 999 calls (both for shop lifting incidents). 
These Croydon BID-funded officers carry Croydon BID Radio Link radios and so they were able to respond swiftly to a radio call from Superdrug that reported a woman acting suspiciously and possibly stealing. The officers managed to stop the woman in question, finding her in possession of stolen items, and ascertaining that this particular individual was already wanted by the courts for failing to appear on 3 occasions this year. This is just one new example of the benefit of supporting and sharing intelligence via the Croydon BID Radio.
Cheryll Wright, Croydon BID’s Business Crime and Safety Manager, said:
“In coordinating efforts and activities, we’re able to share and react to intelligence much more efficiently, which optimises our investment in safety and its positive effect for our businesses in the town centre.”
For more details on our Night or Day Rangers, funding of Police Officers, or any further information on our Investment in Safety, please contact Cheryll Wright. 

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