Croydon BID members to Receive Reimbursement of Pavement Licence Fees

As town centres look to reopen from the 12th April 2021, the Government has confirmed its intention to extend the Pavement Licence scheme for a further 12 months. In order to support hospitality and night time venues in Croydon town centre, Croydon BID is offering all its members the opportunity to be reimbursed for the application fee (£100) for the Pavement Licences (Outdoor Seating Proposal).

Any business that uses (or proposes to use) the premises for the sale of food and drink (on or off the premises) can apply for a Pavement Licence. This licence allows furniture to be placed on the highway to either sell food and drink or for people to use for the consumption of food and drink (bought in the corresponding business).

In a move designed to support hospitality, Croydon BID hopes to encourage further Pavement Licence applications with a view to reopening hospitality for outdoor seating from 12th April 2021. Croydon BID will cover all Pavement License fees issued to our members from June 2020.

Matthew Sims, Chief Executive of Croydon BID said:

“It is essential to see our town centre and surrounding areas reopen quickly not from just an economic perspective but because sectors such as hospitality play a vital role in bringing our communities together. Croydon BID is working with all of our members including the many café’s bars, restaurants and pubs to provide the assistance they need at a time of great challenge. In representing the business community, Croydon BID is pleased to remove the cost of an Outdoor Pavement Licence fee, allowing our members to focus on running their business.”

In order to make an application, applicants will need a Public Liability insurance document, a detailed plan of the area for which they want a licence, 3 clear photos from different perspectives of the area and proof of their landlord’s permission (if they are renting).

Applicants must also affix a notice to their premises from the day of the submission of their application to Croydon Council for a minimum of 5 days. They will need to take a photo as evidence of this notice being displayed. Businesses that apply for this licence should also engage with any local mobility and disability services in close proximity, for example the Centre for Health and Disability Assessments or Shaw Trust.

The application for the licences costs £100. Croydon BID levy payers can send the receipts to Croydon BID’s Business Support manager, and be reimbursed for the full fee.

Croydon BID continues to support its business community for reopening from Monday 12th April with a full range of services, initiatives and guidance, designed to simplify the process and help to create a safe environment.

A free Reopening Guide for all businesses has been created and can be downloaded and shared here.

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