Croydon BID Night Rangers have been launched in Croydon town centre

Safer Streets
In supporting town centre businesses in the night time economy, Croydon BID has launched a new team of Night Rangers to provide greater reassurance, visibility and confidence, improving the feeling of safety.
From Wednesday 28th October 2020, Croydon BID’s Night Rangers have taken to the street, working with town centre pubs, restaurants, bars and clubs in an effort to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime. The new team is working five days per week from Wednesday to Sunday, 6pm-11pm. 
The team are not only patroling the town centre, offering approachable assistance, they are providing invaluable support to our venues whenever needed. Our Night Rangers are SIA qualified with additional training in conflict management, counter-terrorism and First Aid. In full uniform, our Night Rangers work in pairs at all times, wearing appropriate safety clothing, complete with body cameras and a Croydon BID Radio Link, engaging with businesses from across the night time economy. 
In time for its launch, over 16 venues signed up to the new scheme, allowing Croydon BID Night Rangers to provide vital support for their businesses, as well as advancing a feeling of safety for those using the town centre. 
Andrew Taylor, owner of Mr Fox said: 
“There is no question that the presence of the Croydon BID Night Rangers will support businesses like Mr Fox. The added visibility, support and engagement and on-site assistance provided by the team will be invaluable to the town centre.”
The new scheme has been well received by partners including Croydon Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and Croydon Council as greater emphasis is placed on intelligence sharing and a collective partnership to support the business community. 
Matthew Sims, CEO of Croydon BID, said:
“The importance of having additional resources, providing a reassuring presence will, we hope, offer greater confidence not just to those that use Croydon town centre but the businesses we represent. The Night Rangers will further enhance our commitment to supporting our members while underlining our unwavering commitment to safety.” 
“In working with the many pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants across the town centre, we aim to put in place the support our businesses need now but most importantly of all, to put in place the necessary building blocks so that our night time economy has every opportunity to prosper in the future.”
In total, Croydon BID is adding a further 100 hours every week of visible presence to the town centre to support the night time economy. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact our team.

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