Croydon BID to support Croydon Business Resilience Awards

Croydon BID is supporting the Croydon Business Resilience Awards, a reinvention of the annual Croydon Business Excellence Awards, recognising business achievements throughout lockdown.
The Croydon Business Excellence Awards are the largest and most prestigious of their kind in the fast-growing south London borough, and the reinvention reflects the challenges and opportunities that businesses have faced during the pandemic and acknowledges how they have adapted and innovated to ensure they survive through lockdown.
Croydon BID is sponsoring the COVID-19 Business Resilience Award category, which recognises those companies which have reacted quickly and strongly to the COVID-19 pandemic to survive and indeed thrive. The deadline for entries is 2 July, after which there will be a public vote.
Matthew Sims, Chief Executive of Croydon BID, said: “We have had no choice but to adapt and show immense courage and resilience over the past twelve months or so in what has been an unprecedented year of challenge. In supporting these awards, we wish to recognise Croydon’s business community for the strength and resolve they have shown in what is still a tough economic climate. We are a proud borough that thrives when we work together. The past year is proof of that. 
“It is important to note that we are still very much dealing with the impact of the pandemic and will be for some time. However, as we reflect and tentatively look forward, it is important that we reflect on the past, the barriers we came up against and how, as businesses, we overcame those hurdles. 
“We want to hear from those businesses that confronted the challenge head on and adapted their business model showing strength and a determination to come through what has been one of the toughest periods of time personally and professionally in living memory.” 
For more information on the awards, and to nominate yourself or another business for an award, visit

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