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Vacant shopfronts across central Croydon are being dressed up with eye-catching window graphics as a creative project guiding people through the town centre launches this week.

Organised by Croydon BID and supported by Croydon Council, the CR Campaign aims to highlight a selection of people in Croydon, focusing on the positive contribution they have made to the borough and its communities and how they have inspired others.

The first phase of this campaign sees six vacant units across the town centre, including the former Burtons store in North End, dressed in the graphics from Tuesday (28 August). Those showcased include Gerald Manu, who founded his successful fashion label, Devacci, whilst still at school, and Malti Patel, who has produced and directed many arts and heritage projects engaging artists, volunteers and community groups in reaching diverse audience and participants.

The champions shared their stories and each individual’s descriptive text was written to include a word that begins with ‘CR’, e.g. CRucial, CRusade, CRew, and connects to both Croydon and their individual attributes or stories. 

Wayfinding also forms part of the project and as more wayfinding is delivered throughout Croydon to guide people to destinations, it will become more recognisable.

Matthew Sims, Croydon BID, says,

“We hope that the CR photographic campaign will inspire the people of Croydon at a time of major structural change, whilst at the same time provide an improved appearance and coverage to the empty shop units of Croydon.”

Councillor Paul Scott, cabinet lead for planning and regeneration, said:

“This campaign has a great potential to motivate those living, working and visiting the centre of Croydon, while also acting as a useful tool to help people make their way from place to place.”


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