Croydon Champions Volunteer Scheme Goes Live

Perception and Image
At the weekend, on Saturday, 27th June 2020, the Croydon Champions Volunteer Scheme, organised by Croydon BID went live.
This scheme, working in partnership with Croydon Voluntary Action, seeks to encourage confidence in returning to the town centre, safely and with the appropriate social distancing measures in place.
Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA) was established to:
“Build stronger communities for social change by supporting citizens to take active roles in their neighbourhoods and by championing community organisations that nurture and celebrate local strengths"
The first Croydon Champions, who had braved the weather to volunteer for this new initiative, were given brand new reflective jackets, PPE equipment (including masks, visors if requested, hand sanitiser) and positioned at key points in the town centre.
Keely Dench, Business Support manager for Croydon BID said:
“We were really pleased with the outcome of the first day of this scheme; the volunteers were absolute champions and brought exactly the attitude we needed to get this initiative off the ground. Business feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and we hope this helps bring more confidence to people coming to the town centre that they can safely and securely.”
The Croydon Champions are in the town centre to provide advice and support the social distancing measures, and give people confidence in their presence. If you are interested in becoming a Croydon Champion, and participating as a volunteer for Croydon Voluntary Action, please contact:

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