Croydon lights up blue to mark 72 years of the NHS

As the NHS turns 72 this weekend, buildings across the borough will be lighting up blue on Saturday night (4 July) in act of remembrance and recognition for those who have worked tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
This year’s anniversary is dedicated to thanking all those who have supported the NHS during the outbreak, including council workers, NHS volunteers and community groups, who have come together to support the health service.
Matthew Kershaw, Chief Executive of the Trust and Place Based Leader for Health said: “Without the support of other key workers, our community and everyone who followed the guidance and stayed at home, the NHS wouldn’t have been able to respond to this unprecedented crisis. 
“That’s why we’ve come together with local businesses and local government to turn as many buildings as possible blue across Croydon in recognition of their incredible efforts.”
The hospital will join national landmarks including The Shard, OXO Tower and Piccadilly Circus, who will also be showing their appreciation for the key workers by lighting up blue on Saturday honouring those who responded to the outbreak across the country.
Alongside this, staff from across the Trust will also be coming together with the nation for the biggest ever ‘Clap for Carers’ on Sunday 5 July at 5pm.
Matthew Kershaw continued, “We’ve been overwhelmed with support from our local communities this year and it’s now our turn to thank them, so the clap on Sunday will be dedicated to the incredible work of our friends and colleagues in the council, working in essential shops and supermarkets, providing care in nursing homes, volunteering to support the vulnerable and all of those who have made our jobs that little bit easier during the Coronavirus outbreak.
“Please join us, and the whole nation, in clapping for those often unsung heroes, who helped to keep us going.”
To find out more about the plans for the NHS’s 72nd birthday, visit the website below.

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