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  • Fairy Bricks at hospital
Croydon BID and Centrale & Whitgift have been working closely with the charity, Fairy Bricks, to include them as part of the BRICKLIVE event that began this Wednesday.

Croydon BID and Centrale & Whitgift have been working closely with the charity, Fairy Bricks, to include them as part of the BRICKLIVE event that began this Wednesday. This weekend, it will be possible to take part in building a giant, bespoke mosaic, with all proceeds going to the charity, Fairy Bricks.

Fairy Bricks is a charity with a simple objective, to give LEGO® to children in hospital. From humble beginnings of a single hospital donation in 2012, Fairy Bricks has grown to now deliver approx. £7,500 of LEGO® sets every month.

Fairy Bricks have given £3,200 worth of LEGO® to children in Croydon University hospital this Friday, 23rd August 2019, ahead of the ‘mosaic building’ event this weekend. The LEGO® sets are a wide range, suitable for children from 3 to 16 years old.

Croydon BID and Centrale & Whitgift are delighted to support such a proactive charity, as part of the BRICKLIVE event.

Kevin, Chief Fairy, at Fairy Bricks, says;

“Play is a vital part of the recovery process when children are in hospital. It provides comfort, distraction and is even used as an educational tool by Play Specialists to assist children with procedures they have to endure. LEGO itself as a product is perfect for this. It is an item many children are already familiar with and can provide an instant escape at a very difficult time. Then by its very nature when tomorrow comes it can be rebuilt to help the same child with something else or move to another child to start the process all over again.”

Gitta Luchun, Play Specialist at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, says;

“Each year we treat thousands of Croydon children, both in our hospital and out in the community. During these often difficult times in their lives, the opportunity to play is one of the most important things we can offer to a child, giving them an outlet to express their feelings and creativity in a fun, safe and relaxing environment.

We’re incredibly grateful for the donation from Fairy Bricks, which will allow us to continue to support our young people when they need it most."

Shaun Webster, Croydon BID, says;

“We hope people and children of all ages enjoy participating in building the giant mosaic, which will slowly reveal a unique picture that was specially created for Croydon’s BRICKLIVE event. We are thankful that Fairy Bricks has given us this opportunity to be involved and support its efforts to brighten the lives of children in hospital.”

Andrew Bauer, Centre Director, Whitgift centre, says;

We were delighted to welcome Fairy Bricks to the Centre as part of our BRICKLIVE event to build  a unique mosaic of Croydon to support the fantastic work they do in children’s hospitals, which was enjoyed by parents and children alike. We’re thrilled to be able to keep the mosaic on display until the 6th September so families and their friends are able to continue see the contribution they have made to this unique installation.” 

On Saturday 24th August and Sunday 25th August, it will be possible to build a part of the giant mosaic, for a small donation, with all proceeds to go to the charity, Fairy Bricks.



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