Croydon wins silver place on Property Week list

Croydon has been named as the second best office location in London by Property Week. In first place in the magazine’s list was Bromley, whose proximity to Croydon, is also advantageous to our town centre.

Property Week said: “It is no surprise that as an area of significant redevelopment, Croydon sits in the top five sought-after office locations. It continues to see an influx of major office occupiers relocating away from the centre of London to this more amenable location.”

Property Week’s list is compiled with the help of property consulting group CACI. The ranking takes into account a number of variables, including the volume and demographics of the current workforce, the public transport accessibility level (PTAL), the quality of the retail and catering offer and wifi connectivity. Each location is ranked on each metric and assigned an A to E grade (A being most favourable).

John Platt, director of CACI, said: “It may come as a surprise to many that several of the major central London office markets fail to make it into the top five,” citing the City of London and Canary Wharf, and explained it was because the methodology considers the local amenities against worker population.



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