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Croydon's youngsters get a chance to Takeover!

Croydon is gearing up for this year’s Takeover Challenge which will see young people take over the town’s top jobs for one day.

Businesses and other local organisations have one more week to register to take part in the event on Friday 23 November and open their doors to young people, offering them the chance to step into the boss’s shoes. The deadline for businesses and other local organisations to apply to offer to be taken over is Friday 21 September. Young people must apply to take part by 19 October.

Last year Croydon’s first ever Takeover Challenge saw more than 60 young participants became decision-makers at the town hall, Croydon Police and other leading local public and private sector organisations. The event was branded a huge success by young people and local leaders alike.

In feedback 94% of young respondents felt their voices were heard and that they gained confidence from the experience and 96% felt they had had the chance to make positive change in Croydon. Meanwhile 100 per cent would recommend other young people participate in the Takeover Challenge.

Croydon Council’s Chief Executive, Jo Negrini was equally positive about her experience last year when Angel Chizea, then 14, took over her role: “I got a lot out of this as a Chief Executive – Angel has been great and really challenging which is just what I hoped for.”

Cllr Alisa Flemming cabinet member for children, young people and learning, said: “Our Choose Your Future campaign is about supporting young people and encouraging them to make positive choices in life. Takeover Challenge goes right to the heart of this as it offers young people a hugely valuable experience. But just as importantly, it gives senior leaders an opportunity to hear our young residents’ voices and see things from their perspective. I would urge as many as possible to take part.”

Takeover Challenge is a national event and #TakeoverChallenge day 2018 is on Friday, 23 November 2018. If you or your business is interested in taking part, please contact ahead of the deadline.

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