Extra safety measures to combat anti-social behaviour

Safer Streets
Croydon Council has installed two temporary CCTV cameras in Lansdowne Road and Milton Road to help monitor anti-social behaviour and drug use.
Residents called for the camera following their concerns about drug dealing and use in these areas.
Cabinet member for safer Croydon and communities, Councillor Hamida Ali, said: “We are working with the police to address the community’s concerns. We will not allow anti-social behaviour to make people feel unsafe.”
The new cameras are two of 10 that have been deployed around the borough (initially for three months) to boost the council and police’s ability to respond to problems in areas not covered by the existing fixed CCTV network.
The cameras are currently deployed at locations around the town centre including High Street, Katharine Street, North End and Poplar Walk, as well as in Brook Road, Thornton Heath; Broom Road, Shirley, and Westfield Road, Broad Green. 
Any CCTV footage of evidential value is handed over to police and council enforcement teams. Unused footage is deleted after 31 days.

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