Fairfield Subway has a Croydon BID “Facelift”

Cleaner and Greener
Croydon BID’s cleansing team completed an intensive project to cleanse and brighten the Fairfield subway that had become a hostile and uninviting environment with an offensive odour. In one and a half days, the cleansing team managed to totally transform the Fairfield subway to a welcoming, clean and brightly lit underpass.
The Croydon BID cleansing team removed over 150 graffiti tags and rudimentary paint spray drawings. Whilst Croydon BID provided their cleansing team, Croydon Council supplied 30 litres of paint, so this was a joint partnership project. In addition to painting over and removing the graffiti, the cleansing team also gave the area a thorough jet wash, followed by the use of disinfectant to remove the offensive smell. 
This targeted work was carried out in a short amount of time in order to minimise any disruption and to demonstrate the huge difference that this mini project can make to deliver brighter streets. The success of this pilot project means that a series of subsequent projects are being planned in the next 4 to 6 weeks.  
Shaun Webster, Head of Operations, said, 
“Our cleansing team work relentlessly to deliver brighter streets and we have undertaken a review of our strategy to ensure we are delivering maximum value for our levy payers. As such, we are targeting some long time neglected areas, as well as some specific areas that require urgent attention. I’m delighted with the success of the Fairfield Subway project and think the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and think these demonstrate the positive impact our Croydon BID cleansing team has.”
If you are a member of Croydon BID (a levy payer), then please feel free to contact the team with any suggestions or specific requests for targeted cleansing, such as wash down of store fronts, power-washing and disinfecting of pavements, graffiti or excess litter removal. 

Fairfield Halls

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