First ever 'Sleep Out Croydon 2019' launched

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Croydon BID to headline sponsor the first ever Sleep Out Croydon on 24th March 2019.

Croydon BID to headline sponsor the first ever Sleep Out Croydon on 24th March 2019 working collaboratively with Evolve Housing + Support, a leading homelessness charity in London, providing housing and support to over 2,000 people each year.

For one night, we ask you to give up your warm, cosy beds and sleep out to support homeless people into independence.

Our mission is to brave the night-time elements and cold, hard floor and raise funds to help homeless people off the streets and into positive, independent lives.

If you too want to take action against homelessness then this is the event for you.

The Sleep Out will begin at 9.30pm in the Boxpark bar, with registration, a cuppa and a few inspiring words from some of the people Evolve Housing + Support work with who have lived experience of sleeping on the streets. At 11pm we will take to the main floor and begin our night challenge of ‘Sleeping Out’.

By 6.30am Monday morning our mission will be complete. Breakfast baps at dawn and a finisher’s photo will mark our grand finale and we will leave sleepy headed and satisfied knowing we have actively taken action in the fight against homelessness.

Without Evolve Housing + Support and amazing supporters such as you, there would be an additional 700 people sleeping out on the streets.

The challenge will not truly represent the horrible dangers and harsh reality of what it is to be street homeless, but by taking part you will actively be supporting people who are homeless into happy, fulfilled independence, like you or I.

And more than that, you will be reiterating the need for homelessness to be put firmly on the agenda. Not just for one night, but until we end the cycle of homelessness for good.

Matthew Sims, Chief Executive of Croydon BID said: “It is important, at any time of the year, to recognise the significant challenges related to homelessness and the need for us all to work together, collaboratively, to help those willing and wishing with the right kind of support. The event underlines the business community’s commitment to supporting charities such as Evolve Housing + Support in highlighting how we can all play our part in raising funds for those that need it in a positive way.”

So what do you say? 

Take part and raise a minimum of £175 per person in sponsorship. There is a registration fee of £20 to cover the costs of the event. And that’s it. So what are you waiting for? Join us and Sleep Out. Croydon Boxpark 24 March 2019.

Get in touch to have your fundraising pack emailed to you.Emai 



Boxpark Croydon

99 George Street

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