The Future of Retail on BBC Click: Unmissable!

Have you watched this BBC programme on the future of retail?

A link to the 25-minute programme on BBC IPlayer is below; it's interesting and inspiring how retailers and the sports industry are innovating in response to the crisis.

Our key takeaways were:

  • Zeekit is an incredible new technology, inspired by military topography intelligence, and is set to revolutionise shopping for fashion. 
  • Curry’s PC World’s initiative, ShopLive, to provide live video chat with store staff is brilliant. Not only does it save people scrolling through reviews and getting lost in a sea of information online, but provides a personable experience online and has been so popular that it’s enabled Currys to retain staff.
  • Personal Motion Systems, where you wear a buzzer/light that indicates when you are too close to each other, are already being used by tourist destinations, art galleries and libraries in Europe, and could be used for hotel guests, gym members, school pupils and in the workplace in the future.
  • The new generation games machine, PlayStation 5, will be coming out soon, although exact time and price are shrouded in secrecy. Gaming has seen a 48% increase in consul sales and PlayStation 4 has sold 114 million consuls, making it the second best of all time (after its older model, PlayStation 2).
  • If you are working from home on a laptop, then an adjustable laptop stand and possibly a separate keyboard and mouse, will help rescue you from the worst of neck, back and shoulder ache.



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